Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Beachy Weekend

It's Sunday night, and we are fresh off our little vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. It was my, "I survived Summer Day Treatment, so give me a vacation, trip". And also the, "I'm going to convert Adam to the wonders of beach vacations, trip." Since he has never been one for beach vacations. Maybe it's because he is from Wisconsin and beaches aren't so abundant there?

Anyway, we left on Thursday, and we got to the shore in the afternoon. And luckily it was sunny, so we changed into our swimsuits, and spent the next few hours alternating between the pool and hot tub. And drinking frozen daiquiris (poolside is the best way, if you ask me).  For dinner, we grabbed some great seafood, and then went to do one of our favorite activities, mini golf. I loved the place we went, Adventure Island. Its course had waterfalls and a volcano.  I am historically not very good at putt putt, and Adam usually kicks my butt. But that night, I was on a roll. And I actually got my first hole-in-one in the history of ever (cross that off my bucket list)!! Adam did beat me, but only by about two points. I blew it so bad, on the 18th hole.

Unfortunately, that day was the only sunny day we had on the whole trip. The next day was cloudy but not cold, so we headed down to the beach. And I have to say I love beach days more when it is sunny and hot, but we still had fun. The water was crazy calm though, hardly any waves. So we kept bumping into fish, which kind of freaked me out at times, I'm such a wimp! But the fish just always took me by surprise!

The day after that was non-stop storms. So no beach, or pool, or hot tub. Which was the whole point of the trip!! I'll be honest I was somewhat disappointed. But at least we had some time just to hang out in the hotel room and read and eat good food, and all in all the trip was seriously relaxing. Which was just what we needed.

Next time, I just won't plan a trip when a tropical storm is brewing! Darn, mother nature.

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