Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Notes & Reflections on My Week Home Alone:

I'm a Scardy Cat
Maybe it is because I never lived alone (I went straight from my mom's, to dorm life, to the ball & chain), or it is because I watch dateline, forensic files, and all those other True Crime shows like it is my job, but I'm such a scardy cat at night.  Every sound makes me think that someone is going to break in and murder me. When the air conditioner kicks on, it sounds like the mafia have finally uncovered my hiding place or a herd of elephants are breaking in with the intention of trampling me. How come I never noticed that before? But I've finally been able to sleep by drowning out the noise with my two large fans, and leaving on the lamp in the living room.

My Mom & Husband are also Scardy Cats
So you know what happens when you are alone, and you have accidentally left your phone on silent and you get so caught up in what you are doing that you don't see how late it is getting? Your mom shows up at your door, scares you to death by attempting to just barge in without knocking, in her nightgown to check on you. Why you must ask? Adam called her to check on me, because he was concerned something had happened to me since I wasn't answering my phone. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would just assume that person fell asleep...Did I mention my stepfather was in the car with his gun and they brought the dog? They think I'm going to get myself in trouble too!

I'm Eating Awful
There is something about Adam being out of town that is making me want to eat like a college frat boy. Pizza and cheeseburgers all week long. Which is odd because Adam is so picky that it is not like I cook meals for him anyway. But I'm much more likely to come home and eat dinner here, if I know he is at home waiting for me. 

I'm a Life Saver
Today when I was driving home, I turned on a little access road  by our apartment, and I almost ran over a little turtle. I am slightly scared of turtles.  Once when I took my dog to the vet, there was injured turtle with a pool ball for a leg, that kept following me around, which made me seriously worried for my toes. And I always assume that all turtles are snapping turtles.  But I was seriously worried for this little guy's life, so I had to help it. Luckily, he didn't bite me. And I just sort of scooted him back off in the grass. Usually I would make Adam accomplish such tasks. But heck, I don't need him, I'm she woman hear me roar!!

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  1. I'm the same way when it comes to hearing stranger noises, be it night or day, and I have lived on my own now for just over a decade. I try to muffle strange noises and that awkward silence when alone by having a fan going, along with a white noise machine turned on. It's not so much that I am scared, but I am just tuned in to the relative quiet in my place, so a knock on the door or something banging is really unusual and freaks me out.


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