Thursday, May 12, 2016

Nashville Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

Friday after work, I jumped in the car for a quick and solo trip to Nashville. In my quest to run 12 half marathons this year, I had booked the Rock n' Roll half for my April race. I really wanted Adam to come, but unfortunately he couldn't take the day off, and I had to be there by the evening to make the expo. But I love my solo yolo trips as well.

The traffic was somewhat bad, so it took me longer than I would have liked to get to the expo. I picked up my race packet, and then walked around the expo for a bit, checking out the gear. I picked up some shot blocks for the next day, and then bummed around Nashville a while. It truly is one of my favorite cities. So happy that it is so near by.

I originally was going to go eat at one of my Nashville favorites, Puckett's Grocery, but they were pretty crowded. I wanted to make sure I rested well, so I decided to just go back to my hotel. But I was so excited to see a Jack in the Box (fast food joint), near my hotel. We have none locally, and it was one of the places Adam and I frequented in California. I was pleased to have some of that for dinner. It really is the simple things sometimes!

The temperature was perfect when I woke up for the race, but the weather not so much! It was raining and HARD. The umbrella helped some what, but I still ended up getting my socks wet before the start of the race, which is a RACE DAY fail.

The race was delayed for an hour due to storms in the area, and I just stood around waiting to get started. But finally the weather cleared up, and the race got started.

It was a tough race, one of my toughest halves by far. Nashville (and Tennessee in general) is always hilly, and that is OK. But just tough! And due to the wet socks, I developed painful blisters pretty quickly, that started bursting about mile 9. Yuck.

But I finished! A full 15 minutes after the time I completed my last half in, but I did finish, and that is all that matters. This was my 6th Half-Marathon, and I'm still soo happy every time I cross that finish line.

However, I won't talk about the extra two miles I walked just trying to find the car, while crying to Adam on the phone, that I was LOST. But like I said, we won't talk about that! 

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