Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mama Said There'd Be Weekends Like This

(Proof My Dog is on More Medication Than An Old Man)

The last few days have been pretty calm here at Marten manor, which is good considering last week was super stressful. Wednesday night it became fairly obvious that our dog Sarah was very ill. So Thursday we took her to the vet, and we discovered in the last few months she had lost an insane amount of weight. Now Sarah was very pudgy before but we hadn't put her on any kind of a diet. And we hadn't necessarily noticed the weight loss because she has so much fur! The doctor terrified us because she told us she believed it could be something serious like cancer. You don't necessarily realize how much your dog means to your family until you think about losing them. We were nervous wrecks! They did a full work up on Sarah, including x-rays and blood work. Ultimately, they determined she had a bladder infection, ear infection, and hypothyroidism (meaning that her thyroid is not producing enough hormone). It is a common disease for golden retrievers, and it is responsible for a lot of her symptoms & is very treatable. But the appointments and medicines ended up costing us about $600 dollars. Luckily, we had the money from Adam's promotion, but it was our whole vacation fund.  Le sigh.  But we're just grateful we had the money at all.

Sarah is finally doing better today, but her bladder infection gave her so much grief over the weekend. No matter how many times we took her outside, she always felt like she had to go to the bathroom, even though she couldn't actually go. So she would spend hours pacing through the house in a panic and it was so hard to see her so upset. And then the antibiotics were upsetting her stomach, so she was vomiting after every meal. So basically I spent all weekend pacing the floors right along with her, and trying to keep her medicine down.

Then, Sunday night I got into the car to run an errand, only to find out our battery was dead! And not because I had left anything on, but because my old battery had finally given out. So we had to replace that on top of the money we had already spent on Sarah! It was not a good week for our pocket book...

But we are trying not to concentrate on our ruined vacation plans or empty pocketbook. So we've been chilling at the house and catching up on some of our favorite shows on the DVR: Community, The Soup, Office, Modern Family, and Justified. Plus, we are just so grateful to see our goldie feeling better, and acting like her happy go lucky self again. She makes us laugh.

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