Monday, February 28, 2011

Lovely Weekend

This weekend was calm, quiet, and lovely.
Friday night, I cooked us breakfast casserole &
we caught up on our favorite shows (Community makes us laugh till we can't breathe).
We heart Joel McHale.

Saturday, Adam went into the office to finish up some projects 
& Sarah let me sleep in for the first time in weeks.
I completed several pages in our scrapbook (see below) &
I'm getting closer to getting caught up with it (which is on my life list).

Sunday, we went to the noon showing of The King's Speech.
The noon showing is only five dollars (we are cheap that way).
We snuck in a ton of soda and candy (we are rebels like that).
Plus, I'm completely obsessed with gummy bears & Swedish fish lately.
The King's Speech was such an amazing movie!
I'm so glad it won the Oscar for best picture, it totally deserved it.

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  1. your amazing. those pages are very well done and its so fun. I need to get on that. thanks for sharing!


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