Monday, February 14, 2011

The Superbowl

For the last six weeks or so, Adam and I have been anxiously glued to the TV every Sunday (and one Saturday) to watch the Green Bay Packers knock out all their competitors in must win games. And the moment they beat the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game, and we knew for sure they were going to the Superbowl, we were ecstatic. We immediately decided we would have a small party. It's not every year that your team makes it to the Superbowl (although it should be). So you have to do it up right.

For a small party, we sure had a lot of food and a lot of decorations.  I made slow cooker taco chili and pigs in a blanket.  We had three different types of dips, and one amazingly good white cake (and after the game we actually put a fork in the Steeler's helmet on the cake because they were indeed DONE).  Our friends even brought egg rolls and pizza. We ate till we were sick. Literally. Adam actually got sick the next day.

I outfitted the coffee table with a green football table cloth and stocked Superbowl cups full of mints. I put three different types confetti over the table, which of course ended up all over the floor (it's one week later and I am still finding pieces of the confetti in mind boggling places throughout the house). I also picked up some Superbowl balloons from the grocery store. I must have looked like a much hipper and much younger version of the little old man from Up as I tried to force the balloons into my car and drive home without crashing into anything or anyone. Oh and just for your information, the amount of times Adam and I have mistaken that tower of balloons for an intruder in the night must be in the millions by now.

The game started off with a bang with the Packers taking an early lead, but by halftime it looked like the tide might be turning.  The tension was almost too much to bare, and if the Packers had ever started losing, I might have had to turn to The Puppy Bowl. Yes, I DVRED the puppy bowl. Shut up. It's PUPPIES! PLAYING FOOTBALL! But the Packers won 31-25!  It was a great moment and an great night. The excitement in our house was unreal. Now that the football season is over, we are a little bit perplexed as to how to spend our Sundays. Although we  ended up spending our first football less Sunday at IHOP. Pancakes always put us in our happy place.  

P.S.-Yes , I put yellow and green bows in our dog's hair for the Superbowl. She wanted to show some team spirit too.

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