Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life Lessons Learned Over Memorial Weekend

1. One piece of cake ordered at Claim Jumpers is enough to feed an entire army.
Adam's Aunt Ronda is in town from Wisconsin to catch some sun and some waves. On Monday night, she took us out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Claim Jumpers. Claim Jumpers is known for its huge slices of Motherlode Chocolate Cake. It was even voted the most decadent desert by the Food network. Recently, they started to make a red velvet version.  And that magically delicious, decadent monstrosity is pictured above! It is even missing an end because we had already had a slice before this picture was snapped! We've all been chewing on that for a few days and we still have a third left!

2. Just because I love pistachios doesn't mean I want them in my ice cream.
I really do love pistachios, a lot. I love popping open those shells to revel the little pieces of crunchy goodness inside. So a year ago, I tried Ben & Jerry's Pistachio, Pistachio ice cream. Thinking that my enjoyment of it would be a no brainer. But it was more of a some-brainer because I didn't like it at all. It tasted vaguely like tree bark. And even though I trust my judgement and my taste buds, every time someone says they love Pistachio, Pistachio ice cream, I decide I will magically start liking it! And I try the tree-bark ice cream yet again and come to the same conclusion. But this weekend, for some unknown reason, I decided I would like Pistachio flavored Gelato. You know since it's not technically ice cream.  MAJOR FAIL. I have accepted pistachio ice cream is not for me, and I will stick with my tried and true favorite flavor, which is Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Heath bar Crunch.

3. You can take your husband to a chick flick, but he will spend the whole movie analyzing unimportant things.
I have seen every guy movie that Adam has ever wanted to go to. I have seen a half million super hero movies, midnight James Bond flicks, awful Indiana Jones fourth-quels, and Pirate Adventures. And I can count on one hand the number of movies he has gone to with me. Mostly because I never really suggest it. But he did agree to go see Bridesmaids with me and two friends this weekend.  The movie happened to be set in "Wisconsin". So after the movie finished, he had a whole diatribe prepared to tell us why the movie wasn't actually representing Wisconsin well. I.E.- the amount of British people in the movie that are supposedly from Wisconsin, and the lack of Green Bay Packer pride represented in the movie (like there was none).  Yes, he makes my head spin.

Song of the Day: Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

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  1. This is funny. BTW, I live very near Green Bay! GO PACK!! Tell your husband Thanks for properly representing us at the movies! :)


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