Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I'm Looking Forward to This Summer:

1. Disneyland
Or more importantly my nieces are coming to visit us out here in California! I haven't seen them for a year and a half, and I have missed them like crazy! They are truly the smartest, funniest, and best girls in the world, and I'm not biased at all. They get here on Saturday, and we are going to do so many fun things that I've never done before like go to Santa Monica Pier, San Diego Safari Park, Venice Beach, and best of all DISNEY LAND (most of these are on my California Bucket List)! I have always wanted to go to DisneyWorld or Disneyland. I've seen Disneyland and Disney World from a far but have never made it inside. So who better to share the experience with than my girls?  Plus, there is a new Little Mermaid attraction where you ride in clams that is totally calling my name.  Not even kidding.

2. New York, New York
Just about a week after my nieces leave, I am hoping on a flight to meet my mom in NYC for a mother/daughter July 4th weekend. I have never been to the Big Apple and I couldn't be more excited. We are staying at the Hilton in Times Square (Puttin' on the Ritz) for four nights and three whole days. I can't wait to soak up the city environment, hail myself taxis, take a stroll in Central Park, and see The Statue of Liberty. But best of all we have Broadway tickets to see Chicago, and we have booked a harbor cruise to see the fireworks.   I'm am squealing on the inside (and sometimes outside) every time I think about it.

3. Long Beach Street Food Festival
I have a secret. I have been obsessed with food trucks since I watched the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network last year. But I have never actually eaten from a food truck. So when I saw Long Beach was hosting a street food festival with all sorts of food trucks, I knew I couldn't miss it. I'm sure I'll get to try all sorts of new, tasty things while Adam will do something boring like order a plain cheeseburger. But I've long ago accepted his picky ways and will have fun regardless. Plus he can just hold my purse and mind the picnic blanket while I make the rounds! I mean what are husbands for anyway?

Song of the Day: Brighter than the Sun by Colbie Caillat

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  1. all of those things are going to be so stinking awesome!! can't wait to read all about it. your too cute <3 .


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