Monday, June 13, 2011

Moments from a Saturday

I talked Adam into buying the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean video game this weekend. Usually I could care less about video games, but I really love the Lego games. And when there is a video game we can play together, we have so much fun. Plus I really wanted something to do because the last few weeks I've been kind of bored. That always happens after I haven't been working a while. I loved to be one of those women who loves to be home everyday, but there is only so many times I can mop the floor. So as much as I'm worrying about it, I'll probably be happier when I'm interning. 

I rode along with Adam to Gardena this weekend to check out a used bookstore. Used books to Adam are like Manolo Blahniks to Carrie Bradshaw. And I guess the bookstore would have been a great book store if Japanese language was our strong suit. They did have one SMALL English language section, which consisted of a few young adult novels and four copies of Harry Potter. Apparently, we stumbled upon some hidden Japanese community we had no idea about. I thought this was hilarious, but Adam who takes his books as serious as a heart attack did not. 

After we got back from our little Japanese book store adventure, we were exhausted, and we both decided to take a nap. Oh, do I ever love my naps, but Adam is only an occasional napper. So I was thrilled when he wanted to take a nap with me. But he insisted on setting the alarm. SHENANIGANS. Why would anyone want to limit their napping? But I allowed this craziness, and when I woke up a full thirty minutes after the alarm should have went off, I woke him up to tell him he had set the alarm wrong. And he kinda gave a look that said, "What Do I Care?" And rolled over and went back to sleep, so I did too.  A full two hours after we had planned to get up, I am being violently shaken awake by Adam as if the bed was on fire. His eyes were as wide as can be as he said, "We Overslept!"  I was just like, "I tried to tell you dude."

Song of the Day: "You Lie" by The Band Perry

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