Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Recipe Every Month of 2012: Coca Cola Cupcakes with Coca Cola Frosting

Sorry I've been missing in action lately, I've actually been recovering. Today is the one week anniversary of my going into a bronchitis induced coughing fit, fainting, and falling head first into our coffee table. Which lead to gashing my head open, lots of blood, and 30 internal and external stitches in my forehead (I spent a week looking like Frankenstein, and now that the stitches are out, it looks like someone slashed my forehead ). If you can't tell, I've been having loads of fun since my graduation! Naa, its been a rough week, but I'm still enjoying not having any homework or classes.

I decided to use the downtime to do a little baking. Yesterday, I made Coca Cola Cupcakes with Coca Cola Frosting. They were really good! But they didn't taste like Coca Cola, which I was expecting. But the coca cola gave them a really rich flavor. So I would definitely make these again.

I also wanted to note that I actually cleaned up after myself, after this little baking adventure. In the past, somehow despite my best intentions, Adam would always end up cleaning up our kitchen after I DESTROYED it (he is the best husband). Then one night we were watching the episode of Modern Family where Cam made a huge kitchen mess, and promised to clean up after himself, but he avoided it all day, and then Mitchell is left to do it. After that episode, I turned to Adam and said,"I'm your Cam, aren't I?" So this time, I made a point to clean up before Adam got home from work, and he was oh so proud.

Song of the Day: L.A. Song by Beth Hart


  1. Love the new design!!! and good job making those... i need some. hope you and your head are doing good. love you!

  2. This looks incredible! I def. want to try this!! :) I'm not even a cola cola fan but this looks sooooooo good! I hope you are feeling better. That's horrible that you're not feeling well and about the stitches. Get to feeling better soon! :)

    <3 Ash

  3. haha, I loved that episode! I'm such a huge Modern Family fan. The one where Cam acts like the Mama Bear kills me!

    I've had dr. pepper cake balls and they tasted really really good. I've also read they're actually lower in fat or calories than when you make them with the regular cake mix. Pretty cool huh?

    What a rough week you've had. I'm hoping your cough is getting better and that the forehead is healing up!

  4. @thanks Moe! I love it too. I would make you cupcakes anytime!

    @Ash-Thanks I'm feeling better now, just been one of those weeks!

    @Dategil-Dr.Pepper balls sound delish, I want to try those! I've heard you can mix cola with cake mix to make little mini cakes! Sounds like a good thing to me!

  5. That episode was ace! I do love Modern Family :) my flatmate is definately a Cam, nightmare!
    I wouldn't have thought to add coke to cakes, thats pretty cool! Was the taste of coke in the frosting?
    I hope that you feel better soon!

  6. Good lord! Best excuse ever for missing in action! I hope you are doing better now after the worst week ever! I was in a car accident when I was 20 and my head had bounced between the windshield and the steering wheel for what felt like forever. After all was said and done, I cracked the windshield with no damage but cut my chin badly on the steering wheel. I don't remember how many stitches, but there were just enough to make it look as if a spider had set up camp on my chin. :)

  7. Yikes! Sorry to hear about falling into the coffee table! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious... You've got me wanting to make cupcakes now. :)


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