Monday, March 12, 2012

Wetsuits, Waves, and Sun in La Jolla, California

When Mike was here, he and Adam went to La Jolla to do a little ocean kayaking. I am so jealous looking back at the pictures they took, and listening to the stories from their day that I couldn't be there (I was at home writing a paper. Boo.).  They had a blast. Plus, they looked so cute in their wetsuits and life jackets!

Apparently, the surf was unusually high that day, and it took them quite a long time to get out to the calm seas (and many, many, many flip overs of course). But after fighting the surf (and the urge to give up), they got to explore some beautiful caverns and see a lot of wildlife (Don't you just love the pictures of the seals?).

And I have to say Adam took some gorgeous photos. I'd like to give myself a little credit for his newly acquired photog skills! Since I'm always making him retake pictures of me at different angles and zoom settings because I'm so picky about how pictures look that I am in! My apprentice has learned a lot. Or he was already pretty good on his own....

Song of the Day: Sittin at a Bar by Rehab

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  1. Your photos (and Adams) make me fall in LOVE with CA. It seems like such a beautiful place. PS: Love your song of the day ;)


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