Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley

Adam's friend from high school, Mike, came into town last week to spend a little time with us and take in the sights, of course. Mike really wanted to go Wine Tasting, and that is on my California Bucket List, so we piled into the car and drove down to Temecula (which is Southern California's Wine Country).

I've drank some wine in the past, but honestly I knew absolutely nothing about wine before going. So I was a little intimidated at the first winery, when picking wines to taste. At first, I was jumping around randomly from wine to wine. But soon I learned that you are supposed to go from the whites, to the reds, to the desert wines. And along the way I learned my personal tastes. I prefer white wines to red wines, and just like with food, I love the DESSERT wines!

We went to four wineries (Callaway, Churon, Weins, and Leoness). I felt A-OK after visits to the first two wineries, but after the third I felt a little "floaty" and the floor seemed uneven. And by the time we left the fourth, I was ready to nap all the way home. But no naps for me, because we grabbed some delicious dinner at this authentic Italian restaurant, Francesco's. I died over their Lobster Ravioli. In fact, I'm surprised I didn't lick the plate.

Wine Country was so Beautiful! Now I just want to go back during the growing season to see the grapes on the vine.

Song of the Day:  Pictures of You by The Cure


  1. What a beautiful place! Just lovely.

  2. hey miss! i saw you on a friends page and wanted to say that i love your blog, it's adorable!

    newest follower <3

  3. It's on my bucket list to do wine tastins in Napa Valley. I love the wineries we have around here, and white is my favorite (Pinot Grigio, to be exact!)


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