Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Weekend at the Dog Park

This weekend was that weekend that can sometimes be boring. It is the weekend where it has been a week since payday, and it is another week until we get paid, and all we can really afford to do is buy some groceries and pay a few bills. But we really didn't want to sit inside the house all weekend like potatoes, so I had the bright idea to grab our books, and go grab some sunshine at the park. The dog park that is.

We haven't been to the Dog Park for a long time because we lost our own furbaby a few months ago. So I knew it would be somewhat sad because it was a reminder that we no longer had our Sarah, but we had always had so much fun in the past, playing/watching the dogs, and talking to the fellow dog lovers. So I thought it might still be fun.

I have to say we didn't get a lot of reading done once we got there because we were way too busy playing with the pooches. But we had a ball. We were even able to reminisce happily about times we had with Sarah the the park. Like how we would play silly little games with her, hiding behind a tree or a log when she wasn't looking, and then the look of pride that would come over her face when she found us. Or how she acted like the police dog at the park, breaking up any fights that the dogs would get into.

Boy oh boy, we do miss her. But we are not so overwhelmingly sad anymore, and we can talk happy times and smile, and not want to cry.  And we decided in a few months, when I'm steadily working we will get a rescue dog, because we are ready to have that companionship in our lives again. It is time.

And I can't lie, I couldn't be more excited.

Song of the Day: Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood


  1. Oh my pet loving heart just skipped a beat. I'm so glad you guys are in a good place and ready to extend your family again! :-)
    I have fun at the dog park with Monkey sometimes...but other times he gets himself way too excited and just wants to mount all the other dogs. It's so embarrassing! He's fixed and everything. He's just a dirty old man. Lol! I can't wait for the post when you two go adopt your future fur baby. EEEEEEE!

  2. Those are all beautiful dogs! My mama just lost her Cat last week, I've already been looking for a replacment, but she just isn't ready. She has a dog too and I think having him is helping her a lot.

  3. GREAT! Wich dog are your? I miss you :*


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