Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Online Link Love Book Vol. IV

James Gulliver Hancock is on a mission to draw all the buildings in beautiful NYC. These are lovely.

After reading these tips, I doubt I will ever lose a game of rock, paper, scissors again.

A wonderful article on Julia Child's modern marriage.

Does anyone else remember the soft drink, Surge? I loved it! Here's a list of 24 other foods you will never eat again.

Beautiful, haunting photos of an abandoned theme park in China.

Can you guess what Iconic TV shows these are from these minimal posters? I got 7 right.

8 creative ways to use pinterest. I also use pinterest to plan vacations! I pinned all activities I wanted to do before leaving for Amsterdam!

This blog has some great tips for improving photography skills.

30 things every woman should have and know by the time they are 30.

I'm a little NYC crazy on this post (maybe because I vacationed there just about a year ago) but here is a yummy dessert guide to NYC.

Song of the Day: Seasons of Love from The Rent Soundtrack

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