Monday, October 8, 2012

Alabama Snow

I think one of the things I'm enjoying most about being back in Alabama this fall is seeing the blooming cotton fields. I don't know if I truly took much notice of them when I was growing up here, but I'm sure noticing them now. And they are really brightening up my morning commute to work. Plus, it is as close as we usually get down here to seeing "snow."

And if you are wondering what real cotton blooms feel like, just know they feel exactly like the cotton balls you buy at the store. I don't even know why I thought they would feel any differently.


  1. I was just going to ask what they felt like. I guess I figured cotton had to go through a process and that's what made it softer. That's really cool, and the plants are so pretty!

  2. Cotton blooms in the fall?! I didn't know that...that seems like it would be so beautiful! Like wandering through a forest of clouds :D

    Hope all is well! xo


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