Sunday, October 28, 2012

Home Sweet Office

When I first saw my work office, I was surprised by the overall redness of it. I just didn't know if red was the best choice for a children's therapy office, where I am routinely trying to calm ADHD kids and nervous teenagers. But I am not one to be overwhelmed by a strong color choice! My dorm room during my sophomore year was coated in a pepto bismal pink. It was so pink that when the light was on inside, the pinkness radiated out and bathed the entire hallway in pink. It was all Malibu Barbie Dream House in there.

Not all of my coworkers have really decorated their offices, but I feel like I'm spending as much time or maybe more time at work than I am at home, so I might as well have a place that feels homey and comfortable.  But I did use a lot of white, greys, and beige's to tone down the walls a bit. And there are a few things I still want to do with it. But for now I'm happy with it!

Last weekend, I took Adam to my office just to show him where I was working now because he wanted to see it. And he just seemed so proud of my while he was there and that really meant a lot to me. And I have to admit its nice to see all my hard work in college really starting to pay off! Plus, I must say it's pretty nice to have my own space rather than a cubicle!

And you know, you really do need your own space to play a million games of connect four. Which somehow, I still sometimes manage to lose to five year olds, even when I'm not even trying to let them win.


  1. I actually love the red walls! But I think you did a great job neutralizing them a bit, and as always, I love the birdie accents :)

  2. What a beautiful office! I love the big window. You're right, red was an odd choice, but you've done a great job with it. You are such an official grown up with your fancy office!


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