Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

Tonight we went over to my mom's house to pass out the candy to the little kids. My mom's neighborhood is packed full of trick or treaters every year.  No matter how much candy is bought, the candy always runs out too early, and we end up making a mad dash for the front door, screeching, "turn off the porch light, turn off the porch light!" Because we are a little fearful of being overrun by angry and unfulfilled little ghouls and goblins (or a million little kids in batman costumes which was the trend tonight).

My mom dressed up her lab as a princess. She was so adorable and there was a hat that went with the costume but she just wasn't having it. And she enjoyed being petted by every kid that meandered up to the door (a few she even knocked over with her tail), while we sat on the porch, passing out candy, and drinking frozen margaritas (it is never too cold for frozen margaritas!)

There were so many little babies out with their parent's trick or treating tonight.  They were so adorable and I couldn't help but think how fun it will be when we have some little ones of our own to take around the neighborhood.

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  1. That dog is so stinkin cute in her costume! I wish mine was that friendly to strangers. He loves kids, but he barks his fool head off when people walk to our door. So Halloween is the worst holiday ever for him!

    Yayyyy I can't wait for the day when we have our little ones to parade around the neighborhood, not to mention all over our blogs. ;-)


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