Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Things: April 2013 Edition

1. Sonic Sweet Tea with Mango & Peach Flavor
Oh, how I love any and all sweet tea. Real sweet tea is one of my favorite thing about the south. I was so excited when sonic started to make sweet tea. I love to add in the flavors too. And sonic has that totally chewable, wonderful ice, and the tea comes in that cup that keeps it cold and non-watery all day long, and it is just perfect.

2. Evening Walks with This Little Lady
Watching Carlee again this week, and with the nice weather we had this weekend. It has been positively lovely to take her out for walks. 

3. Scentsy Scent Circles
These are definitely my new favorite scentsy products. They are like pine tree air fresheners without that artificial tree scent (which always gave me a headache). I love getting that burst of scent when I first get into the car in the morning. By the way, I'm a scentsy consultant now, so if you want to buy anything check out my website!

4. Spring Blossoms
I love all the new flowers, trees, and blossoms that are popping up all over the place! Especially the ones at my favorite jogging park.

Recent Favorite Tunes:

1. Highway Don't Care by Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift
2. Don't Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) by Regina Specter
3. Brave by Sara Bareilles
4. Showstopper by Leah & Brandon
5. Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds

Wish List:

Trio of Bubushkup Nesting Glasses

Owl Cookie Jar

What Makes me Laugh Lately:

Some brilliant person redid the Golden Girls theme song with superheroes! Aquaman as Rose is classic.


  1. That tree carving ring is adorable!! I think I need to get it.
    Love the spring blossoms. It's weird-there are some spring blossoms here, but the weather is already so warm we've got flowers wilting and dying already. Damn you early summer!


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