Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whiskers Barber Shop

Spring is a celebratory season for us. We kick it off with our anniversary in April, and then both of our birthdays are in May. I absolutely love sharing a birthday month because the whole month (especially the first half) just feels so exciting.
Adam's birthday comes first on May 6th, and I am always looking for new ways to surprise him. I think I enjoy giving him a good birthday more than my own birthday. Which is crazy because I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. We wouldn't have been able to do anything big on Monday because we both work, so I decided to surprise him today instead. I came up with the idea to take him to an old fashioned barber shop. I knew this was nothing Adam would ever think to do for himself. Heck, for years in California I cut his hair, which was always scary for me and sometimes disastrous!
I was hopeful Adam would like it. Getting him to the shop without letting him know where we were going was fun though because I had to convince him not to shower or shave without letting him know why. I told him I was beginning to like him with some facial hair (this is such a lie, he knows I'm not a fan of facial hair). And I parked in front of a pawn shop instead of the barber shop, leaving him thoroughly confused. He even jokingly asked, "Are we pawning our rings!?!"
But I finally told him what we were doing, and when we walked into Whiskers, we were impressed. It was very nicely decorated. It has plush leather barber chairs and each station had a miniature TV.  For an hour, Adam was treated to a hair cut, scalp/neck massage, hot towels, and a hot shave. And although he would probably have never done that for himself, he really loved it. He said it was the best haircut he ever had, and he really looks handsome.
He really loved this birthday surprise. Now all that is left is his birthday dinner on Monday, which is always his favorite dinner, spaghetti with chocolate cake and my homemade, semi famous, peanut butter frosting for dessert (recipe here).
So Happy 29th birthday to Adam. I guess we will see next year if Adam is 29 and holding!  

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  1. What a fun and unique birthday gift! I love that he thought you were pawning your rings, lol. I may have to do this for Match on his 30th birthday. Though unlike you, I really do like his facial hair! :-) Too bad work doesn't let him have any.


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