Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music City Pub Crawl

Adam and I raced up to Nashville Friday night after work to meet up with our friends Jana & Austin and head out to the Music City Pub Crawl. We planned to get there early, and change into some nice going out clothes. Except there was heavy traffic in Nashville, so we were late. Like really late. And there is nothing more in this world that I hate than being late. And I'm almost never late. Being late makes me anxious, and maybe I get a little (OK, A LOT) witchy when I'm anxious. And I'll be honest, Adam and I were totally bickering (100% my fault) by the time we met up with Jana and Austin at the hotel.  But what I love about us, is we let it go really easily and are able to move on & have fun.
We got to Swinging Door Saloon about a half hour late and you know what? Being late didn't kill us (surprise, surprise) and no one was mad! So I was able to relax and enjoy the crawl. Now some people in our pub crawl group thought the crawl sucked. But I don't feel that way. But I will say this, if you are going on a pub crawl to get stinkin drunk, this pub crawl is not for you. Because we only went to 3 bars. But if you are looking to learn a little history, do a little trivia, and get a little buzzed, this one is perfect.
It is probably a little lame to say I didn't start the crawl with a beer, I made the rather unorothdoxed choice to go for a strawberry n crème shot. I don't know why, but it was awesome! After we finished, we walked through downtown Nashville in the pouring rain! And of course, I had brought an umbrella but left it in the car, but the rain wasn't cold, so even though we looked like drowned dogs, it was amusing.

Our second stop was an Irish Pub, Mcfaddens. The best part about Mcfaddens was the view! It included the river and 2nd street. I especially loved the "statue" of a leftover piece of a ride from the now defunct theme park, Opryland USA. And halfway through our time at the pub, the most beautiful rainbow appeared!

The last pub we went to was the British Pub, Fleet Street, located in Printer Alley. I think this was my favorite pub, with the London Phone Booth bathroom doors and all the British decorations. I am just a big anglophile at heart. But this is where we got to know the rest of our pub crawl group, and they were so awesome! They bought shots for the table, and we really started bonding. So much so that we decided to go to Wanna Be's Karaoke to continue the party! We drank and laughed and danced our butts off till midnight. I'm usually shy with new people, so it was cool that I could let my guard down.

Other highlights of the night include: doing the tootsie roll dance, doing a cha cha train around the club, being inappropriately danced on by a random guy (hey it's a compliment, right?), and having a random girl stop me and totally ogle over my top. And who can deny the greatness of greasy taco bell after a night of shenanigans.

 It was a totally epic night. And a great first part of our vacation.

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