Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Grand Ole Opry

When I woke up on Saturday morning, after our night out in Nashville. I really wasn't feeling like doing much of anything. I hadn't stayed up that late on purpose in I don't know when, and I certainly hadn't drank that much since college. I had a slight headache, and the worst case of cankles in the history of ever. But we had booked a morning tour of The Grand Old Opry. So I threw on some sweats, and headed out the door in a hurry because we were running late for the tour-surprise, surprise. So far we were 0 for 2 for the weekend in the area of punctuality. But I just had to let it go and not freak out. Once again being late didn't kill me and didn't cause us any dire consequences either.

The tour started with a video of Blake Shelton, who narrated the history of the show. There were two of the sweetest older ladies in our group, going gaga for Blake.  When Blake said, "I'll see you backstage." They were like, "Will he be there?"  WE LOVED THEM. We started the tour by walking past the famed auditorium. But it was just a tease, because we couldn't stop and take pictures. Instead, they took us backstage. But I was impressed with it, and I loved that they had  used church pews for seating.

Backstage we got to see the golden name plated list of inductees, where the stars get their mail, and Minnie Pearl's shoes and dresses! But my favorite part was the dressing rooms. All of the dressing rooms are decorated differently, and some of them have special purposes. One dressing room is just for people being inducted into the Opry that night. One room is America themed, etc (The one pictured above just happens to be a dressing room featured on the show Nashville).

Next, we went to the family room. The family room is the place the stars can gather and hang out together before the show. It is a truly beautiful room, one of my favorite things about the room was the mural on the wall, showing the early days of the Opry. They also had a line showing of how high the flood waters reached in 2010. The flooding was massive  and destructive, and it is amazing that the Opry was able to recover afterward.

Finally, it was time to see the auditorium.  It was kind of overwhelming to walk on the stage, thinking of how many people have stood up there. Some people in our group even got a little teary eyed. Of course, we all had to have the chance to sing on the stage, so as a group, we sang,"You are My Sunshine".

After the tour, we did some shopping at Opry Mills. I ended up buying a ginormous box of nerds (not even kidding, check it out here). Which was really an impulse buy, so I ended up taking it to work and sharing it with my coworkers. And when I was eating them, one went up my nose! Worst feeling ever, hurts worse than coke up the nose! We grabbed some grub at Dave & Busters and played some games.

Although I was so not feeling it when I woke up that morning, and I looked like I rode the hot mess express into town. I'm so glad I toured the Opry, it was a great experience, and I loved getting to do it with our friends.

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