Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sundays Are For....

Football once again! This was the first Sunday we got to put on our jerseys and cheeseheads, and drive down to our favorite sports bar, Knuckleheads, for  a little bit of Green Bay Packer's football! We had fun drinking and eating deliciously bad for us foods. I'm so excited for football this year. I've dipped my toes into fantasy football world by joining up with Adam's regular league. And today we purchased tickets to the Packers vs. Steelers home game for our Christmas trip to Wisconsin! It has been my dream for a while now to go to a Packer game with Adam.

And I don't know if I've mentioned this before (oh wait, I have) but Adam is all about his Green Bay Packers' talismens.  Typically, every year he likes to add one to the mix. A few years ago, Adam was given a Green Bay Packer's toothbrush. But this was off-season and he refused to use it off season. But he kept forgetting to use it at the beginning of the season. So eventually we were gifted another toothbrush by chance,  and the two tooth brushes made the move with us from California. So I was determined at least one of these would get used this year.  And Adam even let me use one! I'm pretty sure this was because he didn't want to add to our grocery bill last week by buying me a tooth brush, rather than the good juju he believes I could provide.

But unfortunately, the tooth brushes didn't seem to help us out today, as we lost. But we can try again next week, to further evaulate their worth.

Game on and Go Pack Go! 

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