Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Weekend Report

We had a nice weekend at the Marten Manor. It was the perfect mix of activity and rest for me. For Adam, it was mostly just rest as he did absolutely nothing but play video games on Saturday & Sunday. Which was perfect from him, as we have been doing lots of yard work, chores, and errands lately.

Sometime last week I had caught one of those videos on facebook where they feature a recipe. And it was an Oreo Bundt Cake. That really appealed to me, so I decided to whip it up Friday afternoon. This was my first ever Bundt cake, and flipping that thing  made me so nervous. But I was able to pull it off, and the cake was really, really good. 

That same evening we met up with my friend Lark from college, whom we recently learned move to our town, for the first Summer Food Truck Meet-up in Huntsville. It was busy and crowded, and we waited over an hour to eat at the Rollin Lobstah Food truck. So worth it. Not only was the food great, we really just stood in line and chatted like crazy, so the time went by fast. We also enjoyed some Piper & Leaf Tea and a Whiskey Vanilla Cupcake from Sugerbelle. Yummy!

Saturday, I went to see Jungle Book with mom, which was fun because we used to watch Jungle Book all the time together when we were growing up. Jungle Book exceeded my expectations ten fold. It was soooo good. Go see it now.

In between all this, there was some cleaning, scrapbooking, playing with Linky, and naps. Oh the wondrous naps. I also went on a run and managed to couch potato pretty darn hard. 

And I'm only excited to get back to work tomorrow because that means we are just one step closer to our Europe trip.

Just can't wait.

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