Saturday, April 9, 2016

7 Year Anniversary Trip

Monday was our seven year anniversary! 7 Flippin Years! That is so crazy to me, I can't even begin to believe it. We usually try to take a small trip each year around that date, and we decided to keep it simple this year (we are going to Europe in 5 weeks after all), and we drove to Texas to spend the weekend with our nieces and nephew-in-law.

Man oh man, we love them. 

We had planned to get on the road at 3:30 on Friday, stopping for the night in Little Rock, Arkansas.  However, Adam's job kept him working till 5:30, and we didn't end up getting in till midnight. Not that I can complain much, I just slept the whole ride.

When we got up the next morning, we headed off to a place I had found online, that supposedly has one of the best brunches in Little Rock, Root.  It is a hip, little, eclectic place. Oh my gosh, my internet food research skills were spot on. If there is a better brunch place in Arkansas, that would blow my mind. Even Adam was impressed, and he is the pickiest eater ever. I took home some of their canned blueberry lime jam as a gift for my mother. 

Our next stop was the William Clinton Presidential Library. Touring presidential libraries/sites is just one of the niche history things that I just love. I've been to a few over the years (Reagan/Nixon/Truman), and I was happy to mark this one off the list. Libraries are rarely about politics and more about American history. And I loved how this one was a snapshot of American life in the 90s. Adam and I actually became tearful listening to Clinton's speech honoring the Little Rock 9. So touching. We really enjoyed our morning at the museum. 

We got into Texarkana that afternoon and the rest of the weekend was low-key but wonderful family time. There was lots of video games (and one gross round of bean boozled). Kayla cooked us a fabulous dinner, and we laughed a lot. Adam and I spoiled the girls and Andy like crazy, as every Aunt and Uncle loves to do!

The morning before we left was our actually anniversary, so before hitting the road we swung by our wedding venue. We spent a few minutes eating breakfast there and reminiscing about our wedding day, and all the changes that have occurred in the last 7 years. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful weekend trip.

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  1. Happy, happy anniversary! Wow, I cannot believe it has been 7 years already. Didn't I just start following you and reading about your wedding? I love that you went back to your wedding venue. What a sweet way to recap and reminisce.


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