Monday, November 4, 2013

Junk Gypsies, A Prehistoric Princess, & Halloween 2013

This really was a great Halloween.  I got so much in the spirit this year and got excited about wearing costumes. I don't really remember the last time I even really wanted to wear a costume! At work this year, my coworkers and I decided to all go as Junk Gypsies. I had no clue what a junk gypsy was, but apparently they are two famous girls, that use people's junk to make fabulous things, and even designed Miranda Lambert's wedding. And apparently you become a junk gypsy by wearing tutus! I was all for that. 

Halloween morning, I put on my tutu and stopped to get some gas before heading off to work. I was pumping gas and briefly worrying about whether my other coworkers would follow though with our plan, when a lady, clad in her pajamas, approached me.  She immediately took in my outfit and started in with, "You're so Brave, You're so Courageous." I felt this was a little over the top being that I was just wearing a tutu on Halloween! I muttered something about how my whole office was doing it, while she stroked my tutu and popped my personal space bubble. I was so happy to get out of there, I didn't even fill my tank up all the way!

I had a fun day in work, being in costume. Although I had a moment with a teenage client where I actually had to explain who Madonna is (I was wearing a Madonna T-shirt)! I was shocked. I felt a little like Adam when he realized my nieces had never heard of the movie Speed. It likes that moment when you really know you are getting older, and the next generations have no clue what made your generation cool.  Or you realize their Lady Gaga is your Madonna, and your Indiana Jones is their Twilight and Hunger Games. 

After work, Adam and I headed over the my mom's to hand out candy to the trick or treaters! Unfortunately, it was a rainy night so we didn't have the onslaught of trick or treaters that we usually have, but we had enough to make it fun. Everyone loved my costume, a Cave Woman, or like I like to say, a Prehistoric Princess. I especially loved my brunette wig complete with bone barrette. And my mom dressed up her lab as a hot dog. She was so cute, every time she would get too excited, she would wiggle out of it.  Unfortunately, Adam didn't dress up, but I would have loved for him to my caveman!

Halloween is such a silly holiday, but it is a fun one. And I think we did Halloween right this year!


  1. Your costume turned out so cute! Love the bone barrette. It makes the costume. God, I feel old all the time around the "youths". I've actually dialed a rotary phone, and I have no idea who half of the celebrities are anymore. It's pathetic I tell you!

  2. Oh you can just tell the fun you all are having in that first shot. Makes me wish I actually had a few friends to dress up for Halloween with.


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