Friday, November 8, 2013

Life Lately Via Instagram

Lots of pumpkin pie bagels with new york style cream cheese and orange juice for breakfast from Panera. Yum.

Even more time spent stuck in traffic on the Decatur City Bridge going to work, which always manages to make me a few minutes late, despite my best efforts.

I picked up this monopoly junior for my kiddos at work, so I could do a little play therapy with them, while enjoying a version of the best board game ever. Therapist Brittany is in the house!

Enjoying a little bit of success lately from my first foray into Fantasy Football, I'm on a four game winner's streak y'all. I woke up to this note after my first match, which ended in a loss.

I'm was so happy that I finally carved out a place to store my jewelry properly. It is just a little place in my closet, but having it out and displayed has got me wearing more of it.

Adam bought us matching Green Bay Packers' Socks to wear during games! He thinks they are good luck. And last week I forgot to wear them and we lost, to the bears, and Aaron Rodgers got hurt. So there's that.....Adam totally blames me!

And speaking of socks, I bought these cozy ones the other day and I am in love with how comfy and warm they are. And when I pair them with my sweatpants, it just encompasses a little bit of what I love about this time of year.

How adorable is my new fall scarecrow warmer from scentsy? I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM. And my favorite scent right now, Cider Mill.

My breathe has been taken away by all the gorgeous fall colors in the trees. They are just everywhere, and I'm wishing they would never go away! I'm constantly stopping to take pictures. 


Like give me a break, I get to see this view every single day! I just love Alabama.

Just a little hint and preview of what the New Year holds for me....

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  1. Ooo I've never thought of a pumpkin pie bagel. I bought a pumpkin recently and I was going to roast the seeds but haven't decided on how to use the rest of the pumpkin. I might just have to consider that!


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