Sunday, June 21, 2015

Insider Access to Inside Out

I'm here to report that Adam and I went out on a Tuesday night date, to a town 30 minutes away, and I was still able to get out of bed early the next day to tell about it! That is quite the accomplishment. It's funny because when I was a youngin' in college I could stay up all night and still be perky the next morning in class. Now I miss out on an hour of beauty sleep, and I walk around feeling like death.

Warmed over death on a platter.

I have been super excited about the new Pixar film Inside Out for eons now. Pixar always does good work, and the movie Up! has been a favorite of mine for a long,  long time. So when I saw that I could go to an advanced screening of the movie with all sorts of behind the scene goodies, I was all over that. 

I will say the event was bit of a disaster (total fault of the theater, which they made right in the form of a future free movie), so I won't complain about that, and just talk about the parts of the event that I loved.

Before the movie started, they had a behind the scenes tour of the Pixar office, which is awesome! How I would love to work there. Some of the employees had offices themed to jungles and crashed planes. Not to mention one guy has a "secret" club hidden behind a bookshelf in his office. And Jon Lassiter's office is FULL of toys. 

Next up was the short-film, Lava. Which is about a volcano looking for and finding love in the middle of the ocean. I typically love the Pixar shorts, although I wasn't a huge fan of this one. It was cute, and the song was catchy, and if the movie hadn't had the ending it did, it would have been the most depressing one ever, but it just didn't rank up there as a favorite.

I was so exited for the feature, and the movie was far better than I expected. It amazes me how Pixar can take such an abstract concept (our emotions) and make such a funny, touching, and true to life movie about it all.

I was impressed how the movie was able to show that all our emotions are important and valid, and that they all have a purpose. It shows it is never wrong to feel sad or fearful. And that we can not feel joyful without sadness.

And the movie is truly funny. Anger is our favorite character in the whole movie, he reminded me so much of my curmudgeon husband, Adam! Grumpy in the cutest way. Even Adam agrees with that assessment.

Maybe I appreciate the movie so much because I'm a therapist, and I feel this will be so helpful in explaining emotions to children. But Adam loved this movie too. It is rare that Adam and I can totally agree on a movie, but this one brought us together.

It is now my favorite Pixar movie hands down, and I can't imagine this one being replaced anytime soon, although The Good Dinosaur is coming out in November, so time will tell!

It was nice to see Pixar releasing something new after a few seasons of nothing but sequels! Can't wait for more originals!

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  1. So glad to hear! Ever since the commercials have came on for this movie, I have been wanting to see it - and there are not many movies that I can say that about. Can't wait until we can see it :)

    <3 Ash


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