Monday, June 15, 2015

Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, & Pieology

This weekend ended up being such a 1990's weekend. Not only did I go to a Garth Brooks' concert, Adam and I also went to see Jurassic Park World. Adam loves, loves, loves Jurassic Park. He waxes poetically about when he first moved out to California, and was living in his little studio apartment without cable all alone, so he would pop in his Jurassic Park DVD night after night.

I certainly have an appreciation for Jurassic Park. I'm pretty sure I saw it in theaters, and I remember being traumatized by the scene where the T-rex eats the lawyer in the porta potty. Oh and when the raptors were chasing the kids in the kitchen?!? Terrifying.

Adam was so stocked by the new movie that when I told him about going to see Garth Brooks, he commented that  it was the Jurassic World opening weekend, and he thought we wouldn't get to go see it. I promised we would go opening weekend when I got back from Birmingham. And we decided to go on Sunday night.

Saturday night we re-watched Jurassic Park in preparation for the new film.

We actually really enjoyed the movie! I liked the plot (that people are now bored by "regular" dinosaurs, so they have to develop a new dinosaur, and that leads to the mayhem). Dominus Rex is a pretty scary dinosaur. 

The movie was a fun romp, not as good as the original, but still excellent!

And in case we didn't have enough of dinosaur goodness this weekend, we also purchased the Lego Jurassic World video game , and it is a blast!

After the movie, we headed out to have dinner at a new restaurant Pieology. I consider myself to be a pizza connoisseur, so I was super stoked about this.   Basically you build your own pizza (kinda like you do your sandwich at a Subway), and then they bake it right in front of you.

I made an Alfredo pizza (rimmed with olive oil) with meatballs, mushrooms, tomatoes, feta cheese, and black olives. It was amazing! I had left overs for days. I can't wait to try more creations, I feel like a bit of a mad, pizza scientist.

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