Sunday, March 13, 2016

Unclaimed Baggage Center

Yesterday, Adam and I took a little day trip to Scottsboro, Alabama, to check out the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Which is basically a thrift store where all the items in luggage that gets lost when people fly (and never reunited with their owner) go. I've been wanting to check it out for years and years, but every time we were in the vicinity, it was closed.

When we had almost completed our hour drive, we tried to avoid what we thought was a tire in the road, but it ended up being a turtle. The biggest turtle I've seen outside of the zoo. We couldn't leave it in the middle of the road, on a somewhat busy highway. Those trucks were going to turn him into turtle soup. We quickly completed a U-turn, so we could get him out of the road.

I was worried he might be a snapping turtle (later by googling online, I learned he WAS a snapping turtle). So our best idea was to wrap him in a blanket we keep in the car for emergencies. He let Adam move him to the field next to the highway without issue. But when we attempted to move him farther back, he tried to snap off Adam's finger. It was like he was saying, "I got this now, leave me alone." We left him to his own devices, hopefully he didn't head back to the road!

The UBC has a little museum of some of the most unusual items they have come across. There were huge paddle boards, McDonald's Arches, and Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth! Like how does that get lost? 

Unclaimed Baggage is huge (about the size of a city block). And they have so much stuff, it really is like going on a Treasure Hunt. Ultimately, I got some books. sunglasses, postcards (for my project life album), and a Michael Kors bag for a very reduced price! Adam got some video games and books for himself.

Such a fun place that would be good to hit up every couple of months to see what could be found!

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