Sunday, September 26, 2010

Four Year Dateiversary

I think technically once you get married you are no longer supposed to celebrate the day you started dating. But you don't have to give me much of a reason to celebrate anything.  We had originally planned to go out and celebrate tonight, but due to some financial problems, we ended up staying in. Which is fine with me, hanging around the house with Adam is what I love to do anyway.

This picture was the first picture we ever took together. It was taken on a mini-golf course in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Even though his face is cut off and my nose is as big as the titanic, I love this shot.I think what is harder to believe than that we have been "officially" a couple for four years is that we have known each other over 11 years now. You would think by now we would know absolutely everything about each other, but we learn something new about each other everyday. I hope that never changes!

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