Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty low key weekend, but really relaxing. On Friday Night, I cooked us a spaghetti dinner complete with garlic bread. And it was pretty good, cause let's face it, I am the best cook in America (that incident where I nearly burned down the campus kitchen was surely just a fluke). On Saturday, we did the old married couple thing, and ran a whole bunch of errands. We went grocery shopping, and because she is freaking spoiled, we bought Sarah a bone.  We also went to Game Play, and Adam bought a few Nintendo DES games. I also convinced him to buy me that little Mario mushroom because HELLO it is super cute and makes me happy. Last, we went to target to buy new shoes and pillows (we are really living the high life now).

Sunday we did a repeat of last weekend, and went to Hooter's to watch the Packer game.  From where we were siting, Adam could watch 5 games he was interested in at once. He looked like a bobble head watching all the screens. Thankfully the Packer's won, so Adam didn't spend the whole day pouting and kicking the dog.

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