Monday, March 21, 2011

This Weekend We...

This weekend was the first time in a month where Adam didn't work so we:
  • Went clothes shopping with each other for each other. Although Adam was especially unhelpful in this area. When I would ask him what he thought of a dress, he would say something like, "I don't like that because the pockets  are only for decoration and you can't use them." What?
  • Bought our tickets for the tour of the Winchester Mystery House for my 25th birthday trip to San Fransisco. Exciting!
  • Went grocery shopping at Fresh and Easy for the first time. We now love that place. It's so cheap and has so many great and healthy options. Not the "hippy" store we thought it was.
  • Were very frustrated that we couldn't see the Supermoon. It's Long Beach! The sky shouldn't have been over cast! Then everyone just kept posting beautiful pictures of it everywhere. So jealous.
  • Caught up on old House episodes on the DVR and played a ton of Kirby's Epic Yarn.
  • Didn't leave the house Sunday, instead we just stayed in and enjoyed listening to the rain. Perfection.
    • Although I did go outside and wash the car in the rain. Since it hard for us to get the car in the backyard to wash it. The rain is a natural rinse cycle right? Adam thought I was nuts and I'm sure I looked nuts. But hey it worked.

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