Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday when I got home very late after class, the house was quiet and I found Adam in the bedroom under every single blanket in the house. This was unusual behavior for him, but I had talked to him earlier that evening and I knew he wasn't feeling well. So I went to lay next to him and ask him how he was feeling, but he stopped me and practically demanded I go get the flip video camera (he said there was something he had filmed that I had to see). Umm, ok? What could it be? A funny thing Sarah did?

From the video, I could tell he was filming something in the bedroom, particularly something rustling in the window. I immediately stopped the video because I thought he was filming a robbery in progress, I definitely did not want to know if that was the case. That is my worst fear. He told me to keep watching, and that something was trying to break in (or out) but it wasn't a human. Terrifying statement. After many assurances that everything ended up ok, I resumed watching.  Umm I soon discovered there had been a mouse in our bedroom, basically trapped between the screen and the window. On the inside.

I have no idea how it got there and I really don't want to think about it. Does that mean it was running around on my bed? EWW. You know, I don't live in the greatest neighborhood in world, which is typical when you live in Southern California and aren't rolling in the money. But it is not a pigsty and we keep a really clean house (though it's a very old house), and have never had a big mice problem before. Aren't mice supposed to stay in the kitchen?

The other thing that shocks me about this whole incident is that Adam taped and narrated the entire discovery and entrapment. In fact, he didn't know it was a mouse until he started taping. He worried it was a big spider.  Who stops long enough in that situation to do that? And why do it? I mean I would have believed him eventually if he had simply told me what happened. Was he afraid something might happen to him and he wanted documentation? Taping this incident is more of the  behavior of someone with a blog don't you think?

A few notes on the video:
  • My blinds are not dusty thank you very much. Like I've said before HORRIBLE BEDROOM LIGHTING.
  • But I guess my window is that dirty? We hardly use it and keep the blinds down most of the time. So I never noticed. Gotta get on that.
  • He stripped the bed in case the animal got loose. He didn't want it getting on the covers.
  • The dirty socks? I have a habit of getting into bed with socks on and then getting too hot and taking them off in bed. Apparently some of them had fallen in between the bed and the floor.
  • His "weakened" states refers to him feeling sick. Later I discovered he had a 101 fever. I felt guilty because I had teased him and thought he just had a "man-cold."
  • He kept trying to get Sarah to come into the bedroom to help him in case the "animal" got loose. She never did come in till the very end. And was no help. I guess he thinks she's a cat?
  • Sorry for the cussing, but he was stressed.
  • Also my fave moment is when he first realizes putting the lid on the container might not work. You can see the worry on his face.
I know this is long and there is a section in the middle of the first video you can skip ahead when he goes to get the "trap." I couldn't edit that out. But I promise it is funny and worth your time. But I'm not offended if you don't watch it. I consider blogging a type of digital scrapbook and this is definitely something to remember.

If anyone is wondering what happened to the little critter. Adam released him down the block and he scrampered off.


  1. omg hahaah yall are nuts :) i love yall hahah and miss ya! btw got a new cell and number 903 824 3964

  2. So yeah, that's the most I have ever heard Adam cuss...but I laughed my butt off! I can honestly say I almost peed my pants. I'm not laughing at Adam persay, but the situation and his commentary were hilarious! :) Miss you guys!


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