Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Awesome Books

1. The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin
The book was written by a woman who felt she was pretty happy, but wasn't reaching her full potential. So for a year she embarked on what she called The Happiness Project. Each month she concentrated on one area of her life at a time: Energy, Marriage, Parenthood, Friendship, Money, ETC. She adopted simple resolutions and habits to up her happiness. It's a wonderful books and has many little tips and ideas that I felt I can adopt into my own life. Heck, I could always be happier! My favorite thought from her book? Failure Can Be Fun!

2. Bed Pans & Bobby Socks By Barbara Fox & Gwenda Gofton
I was so excited about this book that I pre-ordered it and counted down the days till it was gloriously and electronically delivered to my beloved kindle. The story is about five British nurses in the 50s, who came to the states for three years to work, and to take a great American road trip. They did, and they DROVE everywhere, even to Alaska and Hawaii (OK they didn't DRIVE to Hawaii, but they did Alaska). Their stories are so incredibly charming, and the nurses caused a stir where ever they went.  I love love love this book. Read it now. You won't regret it.

3. My Life in France by Julia Child
I first really became interested in Julia Child after seeing the movie Julie/Juila (of course). She sort of became one of my obsessions, as people and things do when I like them, and I wanted to learn more about her. So I picked up her book and I devoured it in two days. The way she writes, you feel like YOU are the one in France and in culinary school. I found myself memorized by her descriptions of cooking, Paris, and her relationship with her husband Paul. I want Adam and me to be like Julia and Paul when we are older.

Song of The Day:  The Calculation by Regina Spektor

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  1. Hey there! I found you through 20SB and noticed that you'd read The Happiness Project. I read it after taking (and loving) a course on the psychology of happiness. I also liked that line - failure can be fun!


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