Friday, April 1, 2011

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Friday is my day off and the kick start of the weekend, and I couldn't decide how I wanted to spend it. I thought I wanted to go shopping or get a pedicure. Then, I thought I wanted to stay home on my lazy butt. But then it occurred to me that I hadn't used my beloved kitchen aid mixer in quite a while. So I decided baking something sounded fun. I am practically obsessed with banana flavored foods and drinks, so I decided to bake banana cupcakes with chocolate chips and chocolate icing. I found the recipe from The only tweaks I made was I used a banana and a half, and made banana creme instant pudding from a mix. I also used whipped chocolate frosting. I cooked mine at 350 for 23 minutes per 12 cupcakes.

 They turned out so tasty, and I put them in these cheeky little monkey cupcake tins to amuse me.  And amuse me they did.

Song of the Day: Gone in The Morning by Newton Faulker

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