Monday, April 11, 2011

Beach Walk

I've been feeling a little sorry for Sarah lately because of the last few weeks she has had. For her, they have been full of bladder infections, vet trips, tons of medication, and a trip to the kennel.  She is doing so much better now. Earlier in the week, I had decided I would take her for a walk at the beach on Sunday. I woke up on Sunday really, really tired, but I keep my promises, even if they are only to Golden Retrievers.

So I hauled my butt out of bed, strapped Sarah into her harness, and headed down to the beach. Well, at least the park by the beach. They do not allow dogs on the beach (I call shenanigans! or at least discrimination).  The park is a really pretty with beautiful homes, palm trees, beach views, and statues (the lone solider memorial statue is pictured above). And I decided to stop and take pictures because my oldie goldie needed to take a few rest breaks. Heck, it was over a mile. When we got home, Sarah was exhausted but so happy. It was a great end to a relaxing weekend.

Song of the Day: Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

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