Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Second Anniversary & Hotel Roosevelt

When we were deciding how we should celebrate our 2nd anniversary, I told Adam all I wanted to do was stay in a nice hotel room and have a nice dinner. I didn't need to go anywhere or do anything, I just wanted to be pampered a little bit. I have always loved hotels, the thrill of walking into a pristine room, and how everyday you are there you can step out for a bit and come back to a totally clean room. Is it any wonder why as a child I dreamed of being Eloise? We choose to stay in The Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood because it is beautiful and it is historical (and maybe haunted). The hotel hosted the first ever Oscar ceremony and our room was right next to the room where Marilyn Monroe stayed, and she supposedly haunts the place!

On Monday (our anniversary) we got up early and dropped Sarah off at the kennel (where she ran off to play with her friends, without even so much as a glance back), and then we hopped on the metro to make it down to Hollywood. The hotel and our room were so beautiful, and within ten minutes after our arrival we were in the gigantic pool. And guys I'm pleased to announce that Adam actually knows how to swim. You see, in the near five years we have been dating/engaged/married, and in the 10 odd years I've known him I could never get him to go swimming. So I would often tease him that he didn't know how to swim. So I was beyond please to get him in the pool.  We swam for over two hours acting just like kids, turning somersaults, racing, doing underwater hand stands, and flipping each other off of the rafts.

After swimming, we put on our pretty clothes and went downstairs to have dinner. Yep, that's right we didn't even leave the hotel. I didn't feel the need too, I've done the Hollywood thing. Twice. And you know what else? We had a burger and fries, and I drank a spiked banana foster shake.  On our anniversary night. I'm kind of a foodie, and I love fancy food and I love trying new things. But I really love me a burger too.  So even if it is our anniversary night and we should go fancy, if we want a burger we are going to have a burger. We're pretty no frills, no fuss people, and we gotta be us. So we got our burgers at 25 degrees and they were amazing. So amazing in fact that we went back there the next morning for breakfast, and I wish I could have their banana and walnut waffles every morning for the rest of my life.

After dinner, we hung out by the beautifully lit pool, Tropicana bar, and fire pits. Later, up in the room we ordered the best New York Cheesecake with Oreo Crust from room service. Room service totally helps me fulfill my fantasy of living the Eloise life style.

We were sad to leave the next morning, but excited to pick up our Goldie. Who was so excited to see us, but so tired. She doesn't get to nap 22 plus hours a day at the kennel, and she fell asleep in the car on the way home. I'm pretty sure Sarah spends all her time at the kennel bossing around the other doggies because she has always behaved like the alpha dog at the dog park. Breaking up dog fights, and keeping the other dogs in line. I'm not even kidding.  

We went to Hollywood on Monday as Newlyweds and came home Oldyweds. Time is flying. It was such a lovely anniversary celebration though, and a great mini-vacation. But now it's back to real life and work and papers. Le sigh.

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