Sunday, January 8, 2012

Breakfast @ Park's Pantry

Saturday morning, just as we were waking up, I was struck by a moment of brilliance, and turned to Adam and said, "Hey, what do you think about going to get some breakfast?" It had been eons since we went out for breakfast, so Adam recognized my idea as simply genius, and we dragged our butts out of bed, and headed over to our favorite little breakfast place, Park's Pantry.  Park's Pantry is a small, dinerish restaurant that is historical here in Long Beach, and they serve up simple but really delicious food. Plus, their pancakes are better than IHOP, and believe me I love me some IHOP.

Breakfast was amazing, of course, but this whole day has been pretty lovely all around. We did some used book store shopping, took a long nap,  caught little bits of the NFL playoffs, played with some sweet neighborhood dogs, and watched The Art of Getting By (which I adored). I really do love days like this, where you don't do much of anything except for the things that you really want to do.

Song of the Day: Expiration Date by Pomplamoose


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday!! Love relaxing weekends - esp. one that includes breakfast! Yum!

    <3 Ash

    1. That is the only way to enjoy a weekend me thinks :)

  2. It looks so yummy ♥

    Greetings :***


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