Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just A Few Shots & Notes from Hollywood

One of the things we did when my family was visiting over Christmas break was take the metro down to Hollywood because everyone always wants to go visit Hollywood when they come to Southern California. I really do enjoy going to Hollywood every few months because it definitely is an experience. Hollywood is great for people watching and general shenanigans, and I love me some shenanigans! But it can also be very crowded, and I get a little bit too claustrophobic in big crowds. So you know, you take the good, you take the bad, you take em both, and there you have that facts of liiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffeee. HAHA, sorry, I just had a total 80's kid moment.

While in Hollywood, we did possibly one of the most touristy things you can do (and definitely the most stalkerish) and went on a tour of the celebrity's homes. It was night time, so I didn't take a lot of pictures. But I was uber impressed by all the homes (especially Jennifer Anniston's and Tom Hank's) and uber surprised by how close their homes were to the streets, You could just drive right by them! If I was a really rich celebrity, I would live on a private island and commute by private jet. Yeah, I'd be THAT kind of celebrity.

No, we didn't actually see any celebrities, although it did look like Madonna was home, and we did get irrationally excited when we saw a man taking out the garbage at Tim Mcgraw's and Faith Hill's house.  On the way back from the tour, we got to see some of the sights of Hollywood, and we happened past High Voltage Tattoos also known as L.A. Ink (which is the picture I posted of the mural featuring Kat Von D), and I got kinda of excited because for some reason I have an unusual obsession over tattoo shop reality shows like L.A. Ink.

Once the tour was done, we went and stuffed ourselves silly on delicious butterscotch shakes, juicy burgers, and hot fries at the historic Mel's Drive-Inn.  Which was a perfect way to end the day, before taking a very sleepy & long metro ride home.

That is until we actually arrived home to discover that I had lost both the car keys and the house keys, which was an EPIC FAIL (To top it off, Adam had forget to take his keys earlier that day, so Adam had to go through our duplex neighbor's attic and drop down from our attic to unlock the house, he said he felt very James Bond like. He was proud of himself). And then Adam had the nerve to try to lecture me about responsibility, and what I should have done to not have lost my keys. Until I was like, "OH NO, don't go there mister because let us talk about about all the cell phones you have lost or washed. And let's not forget that I have been driving for ten years and have never ever lost my keys before." That pretty much settled the issue, although it does suck that I lost the keys because they are expensive to get made. But what can you do? Such is life.

I have tons of pictures of Hollywood trips on flickr if you want to see them here, here, or here. And I blogged about it here and here before! So just look at that, Hollywood overload.  

Song of the Day: Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows


  1. i actually went to LA for Christmas a couple years ago- and I was in love! Granted, since I live on the east coast, everything on the west amazes me!

    1. And I feel that way about the East Coast!

  2. A celebrity homes tour sounds so fun. I'm with you-I'd live somewhere remote. I'd be like Julia Roberts and live on a ranch somewhere. That would be amazing!

    Hahah, I can totally picture Adam humming the James Bond theme or Mission Impossible as he dropped down from the attic!


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