Monday, January 23, 2012

An End of The Season

This year was my first full season as a true blue, live and die by the 4th quarter, football fan. And to celebrate that, Adam surprised me by bringing me home my very own Cheesehead, when he went home last year to Wisconsin over Thanksgiving. Although, I almost wish he had made it a Christmas present because I would have loved to have seen what a Cheesehead would look like wrapped under the Christmas tree! I never would have thought I would be so proud to wear a a slice of cheese on my head.

I can't say that last weekend was a very happy one for our little household, watching our beloved Packer's lose in the playoffs, after such a stellar season really hurt. I guess no matter how many superstitions Adam followed and talismans he wore, it just wasn't meant to be.

After the game, we hung our jerseys in the closet and our Cheeseheads were stored away until next season. We drowned our sorrows in a homemade spaghetti dinner, moped, and went to bed. After a good night's sleep, it didn't seem so bad. Although if you think we are going to watch this year's Superbowl you are dead wrong, we are not that UNBITTER. Boo, Giants. Maybe instead we will just watch last year's Superbowl (which we still have saved on the DVR, RECOGNIZE) and pretend that it is happening all over again.

But I am really sad that I can't have another Superbowl party this year.

Song of the Day: Dreams Go By By Harry Chapin


  1. Hahahah :D Great chees on your heads :)))
    You are one of my favorite couples on web, look so sweet ♥

  2. You crack me up. Have you seen the Youtube vid of the girl Packers fan who cried cause they lost and was flipping out? IT IS HILARIOUS.

    1. I have and I think that is how Adam acts when we lose also.


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