Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dave & Buster's

Monday morning, I woke up 30 minutes before our alarm was set to go off, and discovered it was raining. Not just a friendly little drizzle, nope, it was raining buckets! Buckets, I tell you. Typically, I love the rain, but this was not a day that I wanted it to rain. This was the day we planned on going to Disneyland, and I had been excited for weeks. Like little kid, could hardly sleep the night before, excited. And you know that old song, "It Never Rains in Southern California?" Well, apparently, that is a lie. It only rains in Southern California when you want to go to Disneyland.

I shoved Adam awake (hard too, I might have left a bruise) and exclaimed, "It's raining, I can't believe it's raining!" And maybe I sounded a little bit like I was going to cry, because sometimes disappointment makes me want to cry. But I didn't cry, not even when we decided not to go at all because it was going to rain all day, and a day at Disneyland looking and feeling like a drowned rat just isn't the way to go. Because a day at Disneyland is expensive, and if I'm shelling out the dough, I want pretty pictures and dry tennis shoes. Is that too much to ask?

I asked Adam if he was going to go ahead and go on into work since we weren't doing anything, and he whined, "But I already took the day off, and I don't want to go to work." And then he threw himself onto the bed as if he was pouting. I told him that was cool, but we better do something fun with our free day because otherwise I was going to lose my mind sitting around the house. So we spent the morning watching The Price is Right like a pair of Old Fogeys, and feeling nervous as we watched this poor girl on crutches try to spin that big old Price is Right wheel (we figured that was an accident waiting to happen). And for lunch we went to Dave & Busters to play some games in a near deserted arcade, which was awesome.

I kicked Adam's butt in skee ball, lost all my tickets gambling on a game of Deal or No Deal, and we had some fun playing two player pacman. All in all not too shabby of a day, and we plan to go to Disneyland after I wrap up my internship in February to celebrate. And this time it better not rain. OR ELSE.

Song of the Day: White Houses by Vanessa Carlton


  1. I love Dave and busters! I'm glad you still did something fun. Match and I tend to mope or end up watching tv and I complain. I think a trip to an arcade or thee bowling alley is in order!

  2. I have never been to Dave & Busters but I hear it's so fun! I definitely will be checking it out now :)
    Sorry you couldn't go to Disney but at least you had fun! :)

  3. Dave & Busters use to have this amazing meal...Lacey's Chicken I think it was called. I had it when I went to D&B while in Cali and it was wonderful! I wasn't so big on the games but my daughters loved them. :)

  4. :))) Great photos it seems you have a really good rainy day


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