Monday, January 16, 2012

Tale as Old as Time...

Friday, Adam surprised me by taking some time off of work to take me to the 3D showing  of Beauty & The Beast, because he remembered that Beauty and the Beast is my all-favorite movie from childhood.  It was really sweet of him, and we had a blast. Even though I hadn't seen that movie for years and years, I could still recite almost every word and sing every song.

Seeing Beauty & The Beast again just totally reaffirmed my belief that living in an enchanted castle would be totally amazing. Oh, and I also think the Beast was more handsome as a Beast than as a man. Just saying. I even think Adam enjoyed it.

It really was a thoughtful and totally unexpected surprise. So I guess even though I have a husband who doesn't understand why I would ever want a hamster as a pet, or why I'm obsessed with all those reality shows, he is still a pretty great guy to have hanging around the house. So, yeah, I kinda love him.

Song of the Day: Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion


  1. Our "Age" really shows with this post because Beauty & The Beast is perhaps one of my ALL time favorite disney movies and my mom got me the original remastered on bluray for christmas- I haven't watched it yet but I think I will do this tomorrow. All fairy tales are so inspiring in their own rights!

  2. I swear they don't make children movies like they use too!

  3. Ack why would you want a hamster? Those lil f*#@er's BITE! I would know, I used to be the small animal specialist at Petco!

    How SWEET of Adam to take you to see Beauty and the Beast. It's one of my favorite disney movies too! I completely related to the outspoken bookworm! :-) We just watched it on dvd the other day, and it was so sweet because Match actually suggested it. 3D would have been way cooler though!


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