Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Around the House

Just a Few Peaks of What's Going on Around the House Lately:

When we got home from Gatlinburg, I decided to put the gems we had mined together in a mason jar (told you I love them). I love how they look on our dresser in the bedroom, and I think it a creative, non-typical souvenir that we have now from our trip.

A few weeks ago, when Adam was out of town, I went on a major organizing spree. I try not to touch his office too much because it is his space. But I wanted to hang up some of the cards and stuff he had lying around his office, so I hung them on the back of the desk. Some of the cards are Valentine's and Anniversary cards I have given him through the years. The Dr. Who posters are ones I got for free, when I bought Adam a sonic screwdriver for Christmas. And the, "NEVER GIVE UP!" was from the niece of one of Adam's coworkers. Adam loves what I did with it. Now If I can only find a way to better organize all his little "desk ornaments."

When we first moved into this apartment, I bought the cutest little cupcake timer. It was adorable looking sitting on the stove. But from the first time I took it out of the box it didn't work (thanks, Wal-mart). But I kind of kept it there just cause I liked it. And we always had to remind ourselves to watch the clock while cooking, so we didn't burn our food since we had no timer. But I got this new one at a kitchen store and it actually works! Plus it is an owl, I like owls so much better than cupcakes anyway. Win-win.

I know I already shared a picture of this warmer on my instragram, but I have to share it again because I think this is my favorite designed scentsy warmer ever! It is just such a subtle, spring design. Plus the new Spring Scents are amazing. Atlas Ceder and Lemon Verbena are my favorite.


  1. Love the timer, and I'm so glad that it actually works :) And I love the warmer - it is so pretty! :)

    <3 Ash

  2. Mmm every man's desk needs a little reorganisation! It always surprises me when I hear of other countries watching Doctor Who! It really is a cult thing. I got to appear in the 50th anniversary episode :) Acting has it's bonuses!

    Sophie x



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