Monday, April 28, 2014

Favorite Things: Mississippi University for Women Art Print

I believe many times over I have professed my love for my alma mater, Mississippi University for Women. I truly believe that was one of the best times of my life. Not that now isn't great, it is great, but in a totally different way. College was just a care free time in my life,  all I had to worry about was showing up for classes. I made my very best friends at MUW, that I really could not even begin to imagine my life without.  And every time I spend a little time on campus or in Columbus, Mississippi, it still feels like home.

I came across this print quite randomly, I believe I had just searched for Mississippi University for Women on pinterest, and it lead me to this artist's website. Linda Theobald does all sorts of detailed prints of Southern towns and college campuses. When I saw the print, I knew I had to buy it, and then I bought two more for my W girls (who loved it of course).

It has every single building on my small campus, and she got all the details just right. All the different dorms I stayed in, my favorite buildings, and my home away from dorm-the Education & Human Sciences building. 

I'm looking forward to getting this framed to display in our new home, which we are planning to buy this summer. It makes me nostalgic every time I see it.

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