Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Weekend Report

(More Shots from Sloss Furnaces Located Here)

Our friend Luther, flew in from California, to visit us this weekend. We were so happy to have him, we have missed him a lot, and it has been fun to show him around the great state of Alabama. Adam picked him up at the Nashville airport Friday night, and we spent the evening hanging out at a local Sports Bar before going to see Captain America 2 (Hello, Chris Evans). I really, really enjoyed that movie. Captain America is my favorite superhero by far. So handsome! So Patriotic! So corruptible!

Saturday, we got up early to take Luther down to the bus station in Birmingham, so he could visit some friends elsewhere (he will be back with us in a few days). Before returning back home, Adam and I stopped off at Sloss Furnaces to walk around a bit.

Sloss Furnaces was a pig-iron blasting factory until 1971, and this basically lead to development of Birmingham as a metropolitan city. Sloss is the only previous blasting factory open to the public in the United States.  So even though I'm not typically into industrial sites, I felt it was worth a stop. I actually really enjoyed walking around taking pictures and checking out all the little nooks and crannies. Plus, it was just a beautiful day, and it felt so good to be walking around outside. We are finally leaving the winter behind.

Sloss has a haunted experience you can participate in during Halloween, I bet that is super creepy.

I spent the rest of the weekend reading, napping, working out, and watching movies-12 Years a Slave, August Osage County, & Frozen for the second time (Hi, I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs).  Now I'm just reciting my daily Sunday prayer: May the work week be swift and the next weekend drag on forever. 

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