Friday, April 4, 2014

The Wood Anniversary

Video Song is Woody Allen by Allo' Darlin.
Today is our 5 year anniversary, and I can't believe it. How can it be 5 years when it seems just yesterday we were getting engaged? But then again, a lot has happened in these last five years. We have moved, not once, not twice, but three times. We have traveled together to Washington D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, and Amsterdam.   Adam advanced at his job, I earned my master's degree. We have lost loved ones and one amazing dog.

I don't think I can say it enough, I love the life we have created together. Growing up the message you get is that marriage is hard, and we don't have the perfect marriage by far. But I wouldn't call it hard as much as an adventure.

Sometimes I'm tired and get get irritable, and snap at Adam for no reason at all, because when I'm tired everything he says drives me crazy. Sometimes he can be negative and complains about stuff I have my heart set on doing, and it hurts my feelings. Sometimes when we argue, we say stuff just to push each other buttons, both trying to "win." Sometimes I'm stubborn and can't admit my faults, sometimes he just can't let the argument go. And one time we had a fight so big, so epic that honestly started over a Kentucky Fried Chicken Biscuit.

But sometimes I surprise Adam, and even though he claims to hate surprises, it makes his day. Sometimes he sends me such sweet emails that I put them in a special folder, just to read when I'm in an awful mood. Sometimes when my leg is hurting, he waits on me, and never complains about doing it. Sometimes I do his "chores," just so he can sleep in a little bit in the morning. Sometimes the best time we have together is when we stay home catching up on our favorite shows.

Adam has been in my life since I was 14 years old. We have watched each grow up. Witnessed most of each others triumphs and nearly all of the epic failures. One of my favorite singer/song writers, Lori Mckenna, wrote the song How Romantic is That. In the song there is a verse that says, "And that boy that I loved may not have been my hero but the same can't be said of the man he became."

That is how I feel exactly.  


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