Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Memories of 2015

We just walked in the door from our Christmas road trip a little over two hours ago. Adam and I are sitting on the couch, watching the so far ugly Packers/Cardinals game, and eating pizza due to the desperation of having no food in the house, and no energy to go to the store. Let me tell you, I'm so tired of road trip food. I just can't wait to be back on diet tomorrow, I feel gross! 

I worked till 6:00 on Tuesday, and we got on the road a little after that.  It is an 15 hour drive to Adam's home in Wisconsin, and 8 hours till our typical stop in Lafayette, Indiana. This was our first ever trip with Link in tow, and we did not know how he would behave. I had given him a little Dramamine to keep him calm and prevent motion sickness. I thought that would totally knock him out! And while he yawned non-stop, he refused to sleep, he was too excited. But he was good the entire trip! And no problem at all. 

After a long 2nd day on the road, we got into Wisconsin that evening, and immediately headed out to finally see the new Star Wars. I am no Star Wars nuts. In fact, I just watched New Hope for the 2nd time ever last weekend. "Space" is just really not my thing, even if Star Wars is now produced by Disney.  But I really enjoyed the movie! It was funny and exciting. Adam had mixed feelings due to the "emotional" part of the movie, which I won't spoil. 

Luckily, it snowed Christmas Eve Eve, or we would have not had any white on the ground at all! Can you imagine a green Christmas in Wisconsin?!? Link had several new experiences this trip. He got to play in snow, which he loved!! He just kept running around and around and eating the snow! When we would tell him it was time to go in, he would look at us with heartbroken eyes! He also met all of Adam's family, who fell in love with him. 

Unfortunately, I had to bundle up and head into town because I woke up with a horrid double ear infection. I was counting on the clinic being a nightmare, but I got in and right out. It was awesome.  And got just the right kind of pain medication to get me through the festivities! 

In the evening, all of Adam's family joined us at his mom's house to celebrate. We did a white elephant gift exchange. We scored this awesome hot pink "Santa" boot and wacky glasses. We also did the regular gift exchange as well!  Link was so spoiled, I think he was given about a million toys! Adam looked good in the toys I bought him as well, let's call these his "nerd clothes."

Christmas morning started with a family walk through the beautiful, country side surrounding Adam's childhood home. Link loved it so much. We saw turkey tracks and cow tracks, and the cold air was invigorating.  

We put on our "Christmas" family best. I wore a new dress, and Link had a vest that his grandma got him for Christmas. I think we make a pretty family.

We had a huge dinner and played board games (rotten apples and Dr. Who clue). We also watched the Dr. Who Christmas special, which has become a Christmas tradition for us.

It was a lovely Christmas.  

We left to come back the next day around noon. We made a quick stop in Green Bay, at Lambeau Field, to hit up the Packers' Pro Shop for new fan gear (yay for new socks and fuzzy dice).

I so wish tomorrow wasn't a work day, but at least it's only a three and a half day work week, before a long weekend.

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