Sunday, December 20, 2015

Notes from the Week

Adam finally got in late Friday night, and man oh man was I happy to see him. I had the most stressful week, and it didn't help that I was so off routine due to Adam not being here. But although this week almost killed me, there were some definite highlights. 

Link stayed with my mother during the weekdays, while I was at work. He got spoiled like crazy. We never give him any kind of human food, as we are mean parents. But I was constantly getting text messages about how much he loves blueberry muffins and cheez its. Ugh. He went on tons of car errands, and he was exhausted every night when I picked him up. I think he had the best week of all three of us. 

We had our Christmas party at work this week. We always do it pot luck style, and I brought my grandmother's broccoli and cheese casserole. We decided to do a sock exchange. We drew names, bought that person some socks, and filled the socks with little stocking suffer type gifts. It was a lot of fun, even the guys got into it!

My friend Jenny and I go all the way back to 6th grade (yikes!). She is recently back from studying abroad in England, and she joined us for our usual Monday night trivia. And somehow we ended up with terrible service, like didn't even ever get our entree service. But it was alright, we had fun, and filled up on chips and queso! Yum.

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