Monday, December 28, 2015


Lately, Link has been tortured by our backyard squirrels. They have been running up and down the roof, storing nuts in the lip of our chimney. I suppose this is to get ready for the winter, I'm convinced is not going to come this year.

Today, he might have succeeded in his attempts to scare them (or at least distract them), as one squirrel FELL into the chimney.

This afternoon I got an email from Adam while I was working, entitled FYI. When I opened it, it said,"Just FYI, there is a squirrel in our chimney, so I lowered a rope down, to give it a way to escape." That is one of the oddest e-mails I've ever received. 

Adam was pretty sure the rope trick worked, as the scrambling sounds quit.  But tonight we had to double check the chimney to make sure the squirrel had left.

I walked into the kitchen to find Adam having made a chair barrier, which lead out the patio door. I guess this was a road map for the squirrel just in case he came barreling down Christmas vacation style.

Link was, of course, standing guard near by (a.k.a. being useless), as Adam messed around up there with a broom. Luckily, we suffered no squirrel attacks, he had indeed left the chimney, and now I know Adam is a modern day Macguyver with his whole rope trick.

Although I should have already known this about him, considering the whole incident was reminiscent of the mouse in the window incident of 2011!  

This is home-ownership at its finest. 

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