Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ScrapBookin' All Night Long

In between the internship, class, taking Sarah for walks (& talking to her in an obnoxious baby voice), watching unhealthy amounts of reality TV, and napping, I manged to squeeze some scrap booking in. I'm still way behind and I can't wait to the day I'm up to date because then the task will be much much easier.

 My main reason for scrap booking in the first place because I'd like to think years down the road our kids will love looking at this scrapbook to see that their parents were once a lot of fun and did stuff and weren't always old fuddy duddys. Because don't all kids think their parents are terminally unhip and old as dirt?

1. Bridal Shower
2. Bachelorette Party
3. Our Nephew Caden
4. Our Superbowl Party
5. Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Song of the Day: Halo by Beyonce

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